About YouSTEM

YouSTEM is a free web resource that aims to make it easy to find and browse information about local programs for K-12 students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We place emphasis on free or stipend-paying programs that are local (in the pilot phase, only programs in the San Francisco Bay Area are available), allow the student to apply directly, and are accessible by public transit. The primary audience is intended to be local area K-12 students who are interested in STEM subjects and are looking for a program that provides them an enriching experience in STEM outside the classroom. Many types of programs are listed, including internships / lab volunteer positions, guided labs, and lectures / seminars.

YouSTEM was created by the Hammond lab at the University of California, Berkeley (Prof. Ming Hammond, Madalee Gassaway, Scott Hickey, Pooja Vijayendra, Colleen Kellenberger, Sukritee Singh, Malathy Sridhar, David Spiciarich, and Perry Wu) with technical support from Sean Mehra, Jeff Reitman, Mark Hammond, and Jon Forrest.